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Frequently asked questions can be found below by selecting the topic you’re currently interested in researching. If you can’t find the exact answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to use either of the contact methods supplied at the bottom of this page.

  • What is Subco?

    At Subco, we are fully committed to providing first-rate customer service to our magazine subscription clients. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a team that is 100% US-based, you can rest assured that we are here to take care of you. You might not have heard of us because we’ve partnered with first-rate retailers and organizations to offer magazines as an added benefit to their customers…we operate behind the scenes to service your magazine subscription.

  • Why am I receiving my magazine subscription/how did you get my information?

    Subco partners with first-rate retailers, e-commerce companies, fundraising organizations, and loyalty points companies to service magazine subscriptions as an added benefit to their valued customers. At some point during a transaction with one of our partner companies, you were presented with the opportunity to opt in to a magazine subscription. We have only received your mailing address information to provide you with the entertaining, informative magazine issues you don’t want to miss. We never receive any other personal data, including payment information.

  • How can I update my mailing address?

    You can update your mailing address by contacting us here.

  • How long until I receive the first issue of my subscription?

    We know you cannot wait to dive into your magazine subscription! Please note that some publishers ask you allow up to 6-8 weeks for processing and fulfillment of the first magazine issue. However, we do try to ensure your subscription starts as soon as possible.

  • I ordered a digital magazine and it said I should have received my first issue instantly. However, I have not yet received.

    If you ordered a digital magazine subscription through us which mentioned instant delivery of your first issue, you should have received immediately after your transaction. Please first check your Junk/SPAM folders to ensure the email wasn’t delivered there by mistake. If you still cannot find, please contact our team and we will look into.

  • I ordered a magazine with points and/or gift code but am receiving a different magazine instead?

    Magazines ordered through the redemption of points or gift codes are valid while supplies last and quantities are limited. While we do our best to ensure you receive the magazine you asked for, there are instances where we may process your subscription for a magazine of similar content. If you are unhappy with the replacement you received, please contact us.

  • How do I order multiple copies of the same magazine to the same residential address?

    Ordering more than one subscription of a specific magazine to the same address will result in extending the length of your subscription. You will not get two or more copies of the magazine. If you want to receive multiple copies of a magazine at the same address, please contact us.

  • I own a business with multiple offices/rooms within the same building and am interested in ordering magazines.

    Our sister company, Waiting Room Subscription Services, partners with businesses to provide magazine subscriptions. Please email or call 888.965.8905 for further information.

  • How may I cancel my magazine subscription?

    You may cancel your magazine subscription at any time by contacting us here or calling 1-800-258-3350. Please note, our business hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00am-4:00pm PST. If you purchased your magazine subscription, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the number of un-mailed copies. If your magazine was included at no cost with another qualifying purchase or was paid for by the redemption of RewardBee points or a bPerx gift code, please note that you will not receive a refund upon cancellation of your subscription.

  • I cancelled my subscription but still received another issue in the mail?

    Please note, after cancelling a magazine subscription, you may still receive another issue or two in the mail. This is because magazine publishers print their mailing labels a few weeks in advance. You should stop receiving these shortly!

  • If I decide to keep my magazine subscription, will it be automatically renewed?

    No, we do not practice automatic renewal across any of our magazine subscription promotions. If you are interested in renewing a subscription, you may respond to the renewal notice sent via mail and/or email by the publisher directly.

  • Why am I receiving a bill/renewal notice in the mail or via email?

    As subscriptions approach the end of their term, some of our magazine publishing partners will send renewal notices to alert customers that their issues are running out. This ensures that customers who don’t want to miss out on future issues can renew. Please note that you will never be automatically billed for a subscription, so you may just discard these if you are not interested.

  • I didn’t know that I was going to be charged for my magazine subscription. How do I cancel?

    We are here to help make sure you are fully satisfied. If you’d like to cancel your magazine subscription and receive a refund, please contact us here and we will process your cancellation and grant a pro-rated refund for all un-served issues

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  • Subco was very responsive and took care of my magazine subscription issue right away. I would recommend Subco to others.

    Jenna M - Chicago, IL

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    Debby B - Boston, MA

  • Excellent service and they got it right the first time I asked. Will be doing future business with them!

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